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Hello World! I'm Brianna McGowan, a developer, poet, data scientist, advocate, and dancer passionate about intersecting worlds.
I encourage people to boldly envision a future that defies the status quo.
I code to move women and people of color into tech, and change the face of the industry. We challenge the bias in our data and demand integrity. Humans don’t need big data, big data needs humanity.
I am committed to projects that promote social responsibility and community vibrancy. I volunteer for Black Girls Code. and am a Lead Python Instructor for Women Who Code D.C. I attend hackathons, write poetry, teach modern dance, and advocate for D.C. Statehood and my community.
I am endlessly curious, goal-driven, and lead through service.

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Modern Dancer


As a developer, I have the ability to create anything from an app to data visualizations. The skill to code allows you to actualize ideas, bringing intangible dreams into the real world. Because so much of our modern world is dictated by technological innovation, it's empowering as a young woman of color to be fluent in many programming languages (Python being my language of choice). Quite frankly, a data set is just a collection of data, nothing more than numbers and information, useless by itself, and boring. What data can do with the right analysis and visualization, however, is what drives me. I am passionate about creating and understanding accountable methods to iterate on current architecture, or building a new system, that yields a better understanding of the world.


Poetry with intention can be a mirror to society’s injustices, and heal us at the same. I write poetry to go through the mud of feelings and experiences, to process them, and ultimately to heal myself and those experiencing the poem. Since I could write, poetry of any form or structure has allowed me to express thoughts and feelings where prose and colloquial language failed. A thought doesn’t have to finish, adjectives don’t have to make sense, imagery can be warped. Open to interpretation, a successful poet can awaken the person experiencing the poem to new experiences, feelings, and thoughts, making reflection irresistible.


For 12 years I was classically trained in ballet and theatrical tap. When I turned 15, I took an Alvin Ailey master class, and that was when I was awakened to the grounded, rhythmic, ugly, and elastic possibilities of human form. It is the organic, and creative movement that defies conventional structure for more natural and thought-provoking art. I have performed, taught, and choreographed modern dance pieces ever since. I am ever-moving, curious about our human form and how we can mold and bend it to tell stories and share emotions.

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